Prices For Photoshop Training Courses

Prices start from around £500 per day (+ expenses)

This price guide will give you an idea of typical prices for on-site training.
The costs do vary depending on your location, the number of days booked and which courses are booked, so do please ask for a quote for your training.

Prices are per day (not per person).
For most courses, the price per day is the same for one to one training or for a small group of up to four trainees.

There is a £25 per day multi-day booking discount, when booking two or more days of training.

On-site (in-house) training
Courses are run at the client's premises (office or home) for between one and four trainees (larger groups are sometimes possible).


Prices for beginners Adobe Photoshop courses

Adobe Photoshop beginners & intermediate courses

(beginners introduction or introduction & intermediate courses)

£500 - £600 / day + expenses For on-site training for a small group of 1 - 4 trainees
Prices for advanced and custom Adobe Photoshop courses

Adobe Photoshop intermediate and advanced courses

(intermediate or advanced courses)

£550 - £700 / day + expenses For on-site training for a small group of 1 - 4 trainees

Adobe Photoshop custom courses

(intermediate or advanced custom courses)

£550 - £700 / day + expenses For on-site training for a small group of 1 - 4 trainees



Save £25 per day when booking 2 or more days training.
Larger discounts may be available if you are booking more than four days of training.


The prices above are provided as a guide.
Prices for training will vary depending on course, location and number of trainees, so please ask for a quote, based on your requirements.

Prices are "per day" and not "per person".
The day rate for on-site training is usually the same for up to four trainees.
For larger groups there is a small charge of around £25 - £50 per person, per day, for extra people on the course (this cost does vary with different courses and different trainers).
Training is usually available for a group of up to 4 trainees. Larger groups are sometimes possible with some trainers and certain courses, if you have access to suitable training facilities at your office.

On-site training is subject to travel expenses, and sometimes overnight accommodation, where applicable. The total price you are quoted will usually include all expenses.

Quotes are usually valid for up to 2 months.

BACS payment preferred

Prices quoted are for payment in advance of training start date.
Payment will be due 21 days in advance of the training start date. Or for later bookings, payment will be due when confirming the booking (usually within 1 - 7 days of invoice).




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