Adobe Photoshop and Web Images Introduction

2 day Adobe Photoshop beginners course and introduction to creating images and designs for web sites.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and techniques for creating images, simple banners and other designs for use on web sites, social media and marketing emails.

This Photoshop course is designed to provide familiarity with the interface and tools as well as covering basic techniques for creating web images and designs. It is specifically aimed at users who wish to gain a understanding of Photoshop and what it can offer, and also learn how to use Photoshop to create and prepare images and designs for web sites, social media sites or email.

Photoshop web images course is available on-site (at your home or office) in Birmingham, Solihull, Midlands areas, Yorkshire, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol and around the UK

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Photoshop Web Images Introduction - 2 day course outline


Day 1

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, the main tools and techniques.

Photoshop basics - interface and tools
Using the main Photoshop Tools
Using floating palettes: Layers, Swatches, History, etc.
Colour modes used for web graphics files - RGB and Indexed - the differences and limitations of each

Cropping & Rotating
Cropping images to remove unwanted areas
Rotating or flipping an image

Colour Adjustment
Adjusting the brightness & contrast with Levels
Adjusting image colours
Creating a tinted image

Introduction to the use of Layers - organising, deleting, layer visibility

Creating text, setting text attributes, choosing colours
Applying drop shadow and emboss effects to text

Using the colour picker
Choosing RGB colours
Choosing web safe colours
Storing colours for later use
Filling areas with solid colour or gradient

Vector shapes
Creating vector shapes using the built in shapes
Creating customised shapes or using a shape created in Illustrator
Changing the colour of a vector shape
Modifying a vector shape

Filters for image enhancement - sharpening and blurring

Resizing Images for your web site
Correctly re-sizing images so that you don’t get blurred or distorted images
Use Image Size, Canvas Size, and the Crop tool to resize your images to an exact size
Keeping image quality as good as possible when resizing

Designing simple web graphics
Creating some simple web graphics such as buttons or tiles
Creating a simple repeating designs for web page backgrounds

Saving images and graphics for web sites
File formats and compression settings - the correct ones to use
Image optimisation and choosing the correct file format and settings


Day 2

Photoshop techniques to prepare images and simple artwork for your web site, social media sites or HTML email designs.

Colour Adjustment
Changing the colour balance or removing a colour cast
Using the colour adjustment tools to create artistic colour changes
Setting areas of an image to pure black or pure white

Organising layers and the content on them
Copying layers to other open documents
Using and editing layer masks
Using opacity and layer blending modes to obtain different effects when montaging

Selection Tools
Selection tool options, cropping to a selection - fixed aspect ratio selection
Saving selections - reloading and modifying saved selections later
Making a mask from a selection

Create a set of images, all of the same dimensions

Recording a series of steps to be performed on a number of images, such as resizing or colours adjustments.
Create an action to resize images
Naming, editing, saving, loading and running actions
Batch processing a complete folder of files

Designing web graphics
Create some web images and graphics, combining photographs, logo, graphics and text into the designs.
Design an advertising banner or tile.
Create a header design to fit at the top of a web page or email.
Bring Illustrator artwork and graphics into Photoshop



Adobe Photoshop training is available on-site in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Derby, Wolverhampton, Midlands, Yorkshire, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol and around the UK.

A one or two day custom web images course may be available if required.


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