Adobe Photoshop - Photo Editing, Photo Retouching and Photo Montage Course

Intermediate and advanced Adobe Photoshop course covering photo editing, photo retouching and photo montage.

This photo editing and photo retouching course is for current Photoshop users who wish to cover photo retouching and photo manipulation, photo montage and compositing techniques in some detail. It is probably most useful for photographers and anyone who wants to produce high quality photographs and images for marketing materials.

The course will include a range of Photoshop tools and techniques, including image cut-outs and masks, photo-editing, photo-retouching, composites and photo-montage, as well as techniques for non-destructive editing of photographs, and getting the best image quality.

It is a customisable course and is intended to be based around working with some of your own projects and images.

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Photoshop photo editing & photo retouching course - 2 day course outline

This is a typical course outline, but course content may vary depending on your specific requirements.

Colours and Image Improvement:

Using Levels, Curves, Colour Balance, Hue Saturation, Selective Colour, etc. to improve images:

Adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image
Removing a colour cast
Using Adjustment Layers to make non-destructive colour changes to images

Selectively lightening or darkening areas of the photograph
Selectively adjusting the colour for part of the image or for a certain range of colours
(e.g. removing redness from skin tones, making the sky more blue, making grass less yellow)

Producing a tinted photograph e.g. a sepia toned effect from a colour or B&W photograph
Creating a good quality greyscale image from a colour photograph

Producing an image with both colour and B&W areas from a colour photo
Using the colour adjustment tools to create artistic colour changes

Photograph Retouching

Using Clone Stamp tool, selection tools, masks, layers, painting tools, blending modes and colour adjustment tools to retouch and modify images:

Removing red eye from a photograph taken with flash
Changing the colour of an area of the image (e.g. change the a flower from pink to blue)
Selectively lightening or darkening areas of the photograph with dodge and burn tools
Selectively colouring areas of a photograph to resemble a hand tinted B&W photograph

Retouching a damaged photograph - removing scratches and tears
Restoring damaged areas of the photograph, where areas are missing or damaged
Retouching out unwanted areas of a photo

Changing the colour of a background - e.g. changing the colour of the sky in a photograph
De-focusing the background of an image, e.g. blurring the background of a portrait

Using the History Brush to restore parts of an image after making changes

Compositing, montage and advanced retouching

Removing unwanted items from a photo
Adding items to photographs
Using Layers, Layer Masks and Adjustment layers

Replacing the background of an image with another background (e.g. add a different sky)

Stitch together 2 or more images, e.g.
• create a panoramic image
• or take 2 people from different photographs and place into one photograph
   - Select and cut out or mask image elements
   - Bring together into one image
   - Clean up and retouch problem areas and modify masks

Create a photographic design / montage
   - Select and cut out or mask image elements
   - Bring images together into one image
   - Add text or Illustrator artwork if required
   - Blend together images and graphics with different blend modes and opacities

Coping with images of different brightness when compositing
Using adjustment layers to adjust colours of individual layers in the montage

Using a copy of a colour channel to create an image mask or a selection of a difficult area


Creating textures and patterns for backgrounds

Creating a line art effect from a photograph
Using lighting effects and motion blur filters to add depth to an image

Creating vignettes and artistic borders around photographs

System requirements for working with high resolution images


+ any areas required from other Photoshop course outlines may be included if required


Main features used:
Colour Adjustments and Adjustment Layers
Dodge and Burn tools
Clone stamp tool & painting tools
Layers and Layer Masks
Opacity and Blend Modes
Selection tools
History Brush



Custom courses are available if required, please ask.


This Photoshop course is available on-site (at your home or office) in Birmingham and Midlands areas, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.



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