Adobe Photoshop Advanced Course

Intermediate to advanced Adobe Photoshop course for image editing and design.

This intermediate and advanced Adobe Photoshop training will cover many Photoshop features and the techniques used for professional design and photo editing work.

Course content may be modified to better suit your needs. You will usually have some time to work with some of your own images and designs during the training.

Adobe Photoshop training courses list


Intermediate and advanced Photoshop training - 2 day course outline


Colour Correction

Colours and Colour Modes


Layers & Layer Masks

Filters For Artistic Effects

Text Design

Paint Brushes & Patterns

Colouring & Tinting

Photo Retouching & Photo Editing & Photo Enhancement

Design and montage

Illustrator Artwork

History Palette

Web Images

Vector Shapes



Actions and batch processing

Saving and Output



This is a typical 2 day courses outline for advanced Photoshop. It is adaptable.


Adobe Photoshop advanced training is available on-site (at your home or office) in Birmingham and Midlands areas, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.


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