About Us

We specialising in providing short intensive courses for Adobe Photoshop and other software. We work with a number of trainers and can provide a range of courses and customised Photoshop training at your premises (office or home) around the UK.

Why choose our training services ?

Small groups (one to one or small group of up to 4 trainees ) mean that courses can cover a lot of ground in a short time.

You will be able to ask questions during the training.

Training can be customised to your requirements, with more time spent on areas which are most important to you. You can also spend time looking at your own documents and designs and working through any current projects you may have.

Unlike many training providers, our prices are "per day" and not "per person"
For two or more people this is very cost effective way to do training, often working out much cheaper than attending a public course at a training centre.

There is usually just a small charge of around £25 - £50 / day for extra people on the course (for more than 4 trainees - where agreed).

Dates can be arranged to suit you (subject to availability).
Start and finish times can often be flexible as well.

When arranging the training, you will usually be communicating with someone who understands design software; making it easy for you to discuss specific requirements and get advice on which training is best for you.

About the courses

We provide short intensive one to one and small group courses for image editing and design software.

Beginners courses are an overview of the main features and techniques of that software. There is usually some time at the end of the day for you to explore your own ideas and create some simple designs of your own.

Intermediate and advanced courses are often custom courses, based around creating your own images and designs.

If you supply some examples, we will put try to create a course for you which will enable you to create those images and designs yourself.

Training location

Training is provided on-site (at your office or home) for up to four trainees (larger groups are sometimes possible if you have suitable facilities).
You will need suitable computer equipment with the software installed and working.
Most courses can be arranged with trainers around the UK, although availability does vary, so please contact us to check availability for your location.

About the Trainers

The trainers I work with all have different skills and all have their own specialist areas, however all are experienced designers in their field and are also experienced trainers with a track record of delivering various types of training.
Some trainers are full time trainers for whom training is their main work. Some trainers work as designers and do training work in-between their other work.
Some of the trainers I work with have Adobe Certification for some applications.

Good design skills are important if you are teaching design software, so I always work with trainers who have good design skills as well as good training skills. So as well as learning the software you will hopefully be able to learn general design skills and good technique during the training.